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How To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

By November 27, 2013August 28th, 2022No Comments

It’s time to prepare your fireplace for winter.  Cold weather is coming.  Many people will be using their fireplace to keep warm during the cold, dark nights. Make a point of preparing your fireplace for the cold season by following these suggestions to ensure your safety this year.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned

Particles and dead plant matter which are often flammable build up in chimneys throughout the year. Make a point of hiring a professional chimney sweeper to clean it and inspect the structure for damage.

Check the top of your chimney for bird nests

The top of chimneys are a common area for birds to build nests. Carefully relocate any bird nests that you find on your chimney and surround the opening with a thin wire mesh to keep birds and other critters out.

Repair any damage to your chimney structure

Bricks and the cement that holds them together wears down over time. Repair any damaged areas of your chimney to avoid an unwanted fire.

Have your gas burner inspected

It is important to have each component of a gas fireplace thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure that you don’t have a gas leak or any buildup that could cause danger in your home.

Have your smoke detectors and extinguishers serviced

Replace all the batteries in your smoke detectors and have your fire extinguishers professionally inspected to ensure that you are prepared for an unexpected fire in your home.

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