From humble beginnings, the culture inside Arizona Fireplaces and its related companies still remains the same. We conduct business and treat you based on family values, to always be willing to serve others, be honorable in all that we do and to always do the right thing. Whether large or small, these values cannot and will not change.

Keith Richardson


Our vision is to supply products that help the American family enjoy their time together. Whether gathering around the fireplace during the holidays, welcoming family and friends to a backyard BBQ or just sitting around a firepit or enjoying drinks, conversation, and warmth from outdoor heaters, these are the traditions we want to enhance and celebrate with our products.

This is the foundation of family life and closeness. Faith, family, and freedom – these are the cornerstones of great American values which make us a strong society and the best country in the history of mankind. We are proud to promote these values with every product that we supply.

Don Richardson


Don’s journey began selling gun nails, staples and framing hardware to the framing contractors.  He literally revolutionized the use of nail guns, by initiating a standardized angle of 22 degrees of the nail strip, lowering the cost of gun nails to the framer. This standardized 22’ angle is still the standard used today.  A true entrepreneur, Don realized there were more products that could be supplied to the construction industry during this framing stage. Because of his close ties with the top builders and the fact that house framing and fireplace installation occurs simultaneously, it was this natural (but not obvious) connection that helped push Arizona Fasteners Corp to quickly become better known as Arizona Fireplaces in the late ‘80’s. Don would quickly explain with a wink and a nod that it was sure convenient that he didn’t have to change the familiar AF Logo that originally stood for Arizona Fasteners when the name Arizona Fireplaces took center stage.

In these last forty years, Don, with his easy-going and pleasant personality, has continued to adapt his product offering that no matter what, always leads in innovation, technology, and style. So even here in Arizona with its hot, parched desert “fire” for comfort & beauty has found its niche!   Anyone who knows Don will tell you that even at 65 years old, he is a hardworking, humble guy. Anyone is welcomed to stop by and say hi.  Don still comes to work every day where he can be found in his office, on the sales floor or even sometimes driving a forklift in the warehouse – which terrorizes everyone!

Debbie Richardson


Debbie Richardson, the driving force behind the establishment of Arizona Fireplaces with her husband Don in 1980, is a woman of many dimensions—a skilled businesswoman, devoted wife, mother of two, and grandmother of four. Debbie reflects on the challenging yet rewarding journey of building something significant “from nothing.” In the early days, she assumed the role of a one-person office manager while Don focused on sales, shouldering tasks that ranged from answering phones and managing bookkeeping to operating a forklift, loading trucks, and ensuring the critical collection of funds which was critical to the survival of this under-funded start-up.

While Debbie’s current involvement does not include the day-to-day operations, her active contributions significantly shape the company’s future direction. She takes pride in witnessing the company’s impressive growth to over 300 employees all while maintaining the strong ethical values integral to the company’s culture.

Born in Chicago, IL, Debbie relocated to Phoenix, AZ, during her high school years. She met her future husband Don at college while attending California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks California. Even in her college days, Debbie showcased her athleticism by actively participating on the tennis team. Her early passion for sports continued to thrive through the years, leading her to compete in marathons and triathlons, including two Ironman competitions.

Debbie places family at the forefront of her priorities. Blessed with two sons, their wonderful wives, and four grandchildren, all residing nearby, she cherishes being an integral part of their lives–a precious gift from God.

Marking their 43rd wedding anniversary on June 16th, Debbie’s daily focus now centers on her self-dubbed role as the family’s CEO. This includes integrating workouts into her and Don’s weekly routine, sharing quality moments with her grandchildren, ensuring Don’s well-being, and even encouraging him to embrace more vacations.

In Debbie’s world, life remains undeniably good!