Nothing says #letsgather and #cozyup like a gorgeous set of gas logs for your fireplace. Our products include residential to commercial applications and our sales team is standing by to help you set the mood for any occasion. Our log sets come in a variety of styles to go with any décor: You’ll find everything from life-like weathered oak, to Aspen and birch. Decadence in the form of vertically stacked logs are available in different shapes and sizes. Our gas log products are a “sure-fire” way to encourage plenty of fireside chats, entertaining, and special moments shared with the one you love.

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Vented vs. Ventless Logs

Vented logs are very popular due to the realistic flame that they emit. Individuals looking for the traditional look would be best suited for these as they imitate a wood burning fire. On the downside, however, they are not very energy efficient as most of the heat will go up the chimney flue.

Ventless logs are an alternative. They will conserve more energy as they operate with the flue closed. You won’t get the effect of burning real firewood. All of the heat will stay inside your home though, so if that is what you are looking for, ventless logs are a wise choice.