Montigo is North America’s premier producer of standard and custom engineered hand-crafted gas fireplaces for commercial and residential spaces. Unique to each installation, our fireplaces are the heart of warm and inviting spaces. They are featured in luxury homes, hotels, casinos, restaurants, universities, sports stadiums and other public spaces.

Inspired by architects, guided by builders, manufactured to perfection.

Montigo C View Custom

Montigo C View Custom Direct Vent Linear Fireplaces, the ultimate in flexible commercial grade fireplace solutions.

With unlimited firebox configurations, multiple burner styles, and almost limitless possibilities for intake and termination, the C View sets the gold standard for commercial fireplace installations.

Montigo Distinction

The newest addition to the prestigious Montigo catalog, the Distinction offers a wide scope of luxury with ample viewing area while maintaining a 18½” framing depth. You won’t have to sit close to the Distinction to feel the heat, as it features standard circulating fans to warm any space. You can enjoy a more gentle flame and heat with the 30% turndown.

The unit also comes standard with reflective ceramic glass liners, multi color LED uplighting, ceramic glass and a full function remote.

Montigo Prodigy

Montigo Prodigy Linear Direct Vent Fireplace – The Prodigy adds tranquility and warmth to your home. The linear burner produces a relaxing ribbon-like flame. Your desired media can completely cover the bed of the firebox, enhancing the ambiance even when the fireplace is not in use.

Clean contemporary lines and frameless double glass design deliver breathtaking aesthetics. Finishing materials can be attached directly to the fireplace and brought down to the edge of the glass creating a stunning focal point without interruption.