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Family Values

Arizona Fireplaces was founded in 1980 by Don & Deborah Richardson and remains privately owned and proudly based in Phoenix, Arizona.  We evolved from our founding entity ‘Arizona Fasteners Corp’, serving the hardware needs of our local Phoenix home building community.

Led by Keith Richardson, President at Arizona Fireplaces, the company’s vision is to enhance the human experience by supplying and distributing innovative products that improve and promote home, lifestyle and its traditions and values. 

Intention and strategic planning brought us here.  A passion for gathering with family and friends keeps us going.  We invite you to join us – #letsgather

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Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces offer the look of real wood fireplaces without the hassle. Remote control options make the gas fireplace the top choice for comfort and convenience. Gas fireplaces can be integrated into almost anything, wall mounted, or built into a masonry surround.
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Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces are a great option if you want to stay warm and save money.
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Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces are good if you enjoy the look, feel and smell of a traditional wood burning fireplace.
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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces – Have you been thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to your home?
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Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts are inserted into an existing masonry fireplace; just like a stove can be.
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Custom Fireplaces

Arizona Fireplaces is a custom fireplace company in Arizona who can provide you with a large selection of custom fireplaces for both your indoor and outdoor needs.
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Gas Stoves

Gas stoves allow the user to enjoy the warmth and look of a real wood burning stove, with the convenience of gas. For homeowners looking for an application to warm their space, but don’t want the hassle and mess of dealing with real wood or pellets, the gas stove is a perfect option.
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Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves work quite similarly to a common home heating system.
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Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves use fire, fueled by real wood logs to keep the area warm.
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Outdoor Living

BBQ Grills

Grilling has long been a source of enjoyment for many people. When summer comes, there is nothing better than sitting outside on your deck or patio watching the burgers and hot dogs sizzle (or whatever you prefer to cook).
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Brick Ovens

Chicago Brick Oven combines time-proven, classic brick oven design with the best engineering and technology available.
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Firepits & Burners

For many people, there is nothing better than sitting outside on a cool evening around a fire pit.
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Fireglass or firebeads, are much as the name sounds. It is made up of small, firesafe, broken pieces of tempered glass.
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Through continuous investment in patented Smart-Heat™ technology…
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Two Valley Locations to Serve You!

Arizona Fireplaces
20835 N. 25th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(602) 343-1000

Arizona Fireplaces & BBQ’S
3435 E. Atlanta Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 243-6423