Vent Free Traditional Gas Fireplaces – If you’re looking for heat and efficiency, vent-free fireplaces are your best option. These fireplaces use the air in the room for combustion, delivering almost all of that energy and heat back into the living space. Vent-free fireplaces offer a variety of installation options as they don’t require bulky vent pipe or chimneys. Vent-Free systems are especially ideal for smaller homes and multi-level living spaces, where the installation of a vented fireplace is impossible. These units are generally available in Natural Gas and Propane Gas types.

Criticized in the past for being unsafe, more recent technologies such as Oxygen Depletion Sensors, and advances in clean burn units, have allowed these fireplaces to become 99.9% efficient. Although they produce a large amount of heat, these units do require an additional heat source or central air system for heat/air circulation throughout the home. One of the downsides of these fireplaces they are typically limited to 40,000 BTUs due to the large amount of heat they produce

GOOD – Superior VRT3100

• Available in 32”, 36” and 42” heat-circulating models.
• Available in refractory liners and floor
• Available with ceramic fiber liners and black metal floor
• Includes heat deflection hood
• Optional precision-cut decorative twin pane screen doors in a textured
iron finish.
• Optional outside air kit
• Blower kits available for all models (J-Box kit required)
• Durable textured powder coat finish • 20 Year Limited Warranty

BETTER – Astria Atlas

• Available in 36” and 42” radiant smooth-faced model
• Tall 28” opening accepts up to 30” vent-free gas logs
• White stacked refractory panels
• Optional heat deflection hood (not required)
• Includes mesh fire screens
• Optional outside air kit
• Optional blower (J-Box kit required)
• Durable textured powder coat finish
• 20 Year Limited Warranty